Opinion: Exactly What a Top Player Just Tweeted

Keeping up with the latest discourse in the fighting game community is not always easy. While it’s temping to join the discussion right away, many jump the gun and end up stating an opinion that’s not only uninformed, but flat out wrong. Luckily there’s a better way, which is why my opinion is exactly whatever a top player just Tweeted.

The topic could be anything. Are modern games dumbed down? Is Rollback Netcode a Hoax? Should top players have to register for events on time? Regardless of the topic, my stance is completely identical to a top player’s latest Tweet on the matter.

Some individuals will argue that my opinions are still wrong and that they somehow know better. Remember that top players are the best for a reason. Just like when playing the games, top players never guess, they just know.

Have you ever won a major tournament? No? Then what makes you qualified to discuss event logistics, seeding protocols, or whether or not tournament organizers should be able to make a profit? Just face it, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about.

The crazy thing is that whenever a top player tweets an opinion, I’d always already been thinking the exact same thing. It’s a nice bit of validation that gives me the confidence to say the things that have clearly been true the entire time.

So whenever the next big discussion topic comes around, don’t even bother arguing with me. I don’t listen to wrong people.

Photo Credit: Matt Moloney