ArcSys Planning to Add Crossplay Once Enough of You Suckers Buy Strive Twice

Rolling Hills Estates, CA – Today Arc System Works announced exciting news on the progress of the upcoming crossplay functionality for Guilty Gear Strive.

“I’m happy to announce we’ve pretty much finished the crossplay functionality for Strive,” said Josh Brown, community manager for Arc System Works America. “Now all that’s left is to wait for a few more of you suckers to buy the game twice.”

“With many of our previously released multi-platform games, we noticed an interesting trend,” said Brown. “A significant amount of players eventually bought two copies of the same game in order to play opponents on both PC and PS4. With that in mind, we’d be crazy to miss all those sales by launching Strive with crossplay already in the game.”

“So can you wait a few more weeks, or even months to play your friend who only has the PC version? Because we can,” added Brown. “Sooner or later enough of you will crack and we’ll finally be able to launch crossplay. But until then, we wait. Thank you again for supporting Guilty Gear Strive.”

At press time, ArcSys also confirmed they’ll only consider adding Baiken to the game after enough DLC has been sold.