Oro Fan Looking Forward to Playing Street Fighter V Again for a Day

Denver, CO – Following the announcement that Oro, Rose, Dan, and Akira will be coming to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, many long-time Oro players like Taylor Graham are eagerly looking forward to playing the game again for a day.

“Oro is my favorite Street Fighter character of all time,” explained Graham, who always used the fighter in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. “I can’t wait to acquire the new DLC, jump right into training mode with Oro, and quickly realize that this isn’t the same Oro that made me like the character in the first place.”

“Maybe they’ll change his signature moves too much, or lock them behind V-Trigger,” wondered Graham about the DLC character that releases next summer. “Or maybe they’ll just take away some classic moves all together. I just know that whatever they change is likely to replace my excitement with frustration in roughly 24 hours.”

“Still, I can’t wait to see how he looks in the new game,” said Graham, who will be returning to the world of Street Fighter V for approximately one day. “And sure, I’ll eventually realize that Street Fighter V is still the same game that I haven’t been able to get into in 4+ years, but for that small fleeting moment of new DLC hype, Oro will finally be back and I couldn’t be more excited.”

At press time Graham was still confident that no one will stand a chance against his Oro on release day.