Smashers Worried DLC Character Could be Fun, Unique

Japan – Today we got our first comprehensive look at the newest Super Smash Bros. DLC fighter, the Dragon Quest Hero. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai showed off the Hero in a detailed video earlier. While some fans are filled with excitement, many competitive smashers are worried that the latest combatant might turn out to be fun and interesting.

The new Dragon Quest Hero’s defining features are his critical hits that occur at random, as well as his down B attack which offers a choice of 4 random spells, some with additional random effects. While some are still looking forward to this new character, others are concerned that these random elements might lead to hilarious and enjoyable moments.

“Ban this degenerate nonsense,” said pro smasher Big Jeff earlier on Twitter. “The Dragon Quest Hero has multiple one hit kills, an insanely wide arsenal of status effects, and worst of all – tons of random elements. I could deal with some of these, but randomness just doesn’t belong in a serious, consistent, and primarily competitive game like Smash. Why add it in now?”

Many others shared similar reactions to the controversial new character that might unfortunately turn out to be entertaining.

“I know we only just saw the video, but this just looks like too much,” said another top smasher, CrabThrowuh86. “Sakurai has got to be tripping. He should know that we could be in a real disaster if this character turns out to be as unique and awesome as he looks.”

With Dragon Quest Hero launching today, we’ll soon see the potential this controversial new fighter has. Will he be the new addition that the series needs, or will he be a disastrously fun and unique disappointment?