Tekken World Tour Issues Quarantine On All Claudio Players

ITALY – Citing concerns for health and public safety, Tekken World Tour officials gathered today to issue a mandatory quarantine on all players who have recently used Italy’s most powerful exorcist, Claudio Serafino.

“Claudio players are a significant threat to the public’s well-being,” explained Alberto Meyer, a spokesperson for the Tekken World Tour. “In order to prevent this catastrophe from getting any worse, Claudio players will now be required to stay home and disconnect their consoles from the internet until further notice.”

Officials were also quick to warn what to do in the unfortunate event that you encounter one of these compromised players.

“It is imperative that anyone who comes in contact with a Claudio player washes their hands immediately and avoids touching their face at all costs,” added Meyer. “If you begin to develop symptoms such as fever, cough, or the irresistible urge to hop kick at all times, then we advise you to stay home and immediately seek professional help via the TWT emergency hotline.”

Officials are hoping to have the situation under control as soon as possible, but are still uncertain as how long that could take. In the meantime, the Tekken World Tour plans to proceed cautiously, maintaining the global quarantine order to keep Claudio players under strict lock down at all times. Currently there is no known cure to playing Claudio and those affected will have to wait until the affliction has run its course to be released.